Sunny Eichler Courtyard


bright and happy pots

bright and happy pots

The homeowners

of this Eichler house

wanted the courtyard

to be very colorful-

hence these almost

(I did say almost!) garish pots.

It was actually a fun job.

This “over-the-hill” courtyard

had lots of southern exposure

and I was able to use many plants

that wouldn’t have done as well in Half Moon Bay.


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2 responses to “Sunny Eichler Courtyard

  1. Hi, how come no pix of the Eichler Courtyard? I looked for garish pots…none, even pix of the house/yard…none. It left me disappointed. The pix of the pots were nice, but there was no information about where they are available, what the sizes are, how to choose what plants to put in them…etc. Perhaps you’re not aware of how much good information you have in your head, information that readers would love to know. I’d also like to link to you on FaceBook (fb), but don’t see a link anywhere. There is so much joy in gardening, and I’d love to share in it. Leslie Underwood

  2. carlalazzarini

    Ms. Underwood- I’m so sorry you were left disappointed by my blog post. One of the wonderful things about blogs is that there are so many of them out there! I’m sure you can find several that are more to your liking. Maybe you can even start a gardening blog of you own…?

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