Kinder, Gentler New Year’s Resolutions for the Garden

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Things I’m Really Gonna Try To Do

I just was reading some favorite garden blogs and saw a few lists of New Year’s resolutions for the garden. Hmmm, the concept sounds like a good way to get motivated, but I thought a lot of them sounded like a set-up for failure, knowing what I do about human nature. (especially mine!)

Here’s my kinder and gentler take on their resolutions.

instead of:

resolving to plant any plants I buy at the nursery as soon as I get them home, making sure I have all potting soil, pots, space, time, etc. at the ready,

I resolve to:

plant the plants that I have at home waiting (at least the ones that haven’t died yet) before I buy new ones. (unless I totally have to have them!)

instead of:

resolving to water my plants more faithfully,

I resolve to:

keep up the mostly consistent watering I do do and to be more accepting and forgiving of myself in late summer when I inevitably slack off in my duties.

instead of:

resolving to learn more about, and practice, seed collecting & saving,

I resolve to:

continue to let my plants reseed themselves and also to support my friends who do collect seeds.

instead of:

resolving to add several new rose varieties to my garden,

I resolve to:

remove several underperforming rose bushes and replace them with more flowers that bees love.

instead of:

resolving to clean my tools after each gardening session with a water/bleach (10/1) solution before putting them away,

I resolve to:

try to always put my tools away in the same place so I can find them the next time, and to wash them with the bleach solution once in a while.

So, I could go on and on, but my point is, sure, resolutions are fun and can be great motivation, but go easy on yourself. Think about your personality and your lifestyle and go ahead and make some resolutions that you’re bound to keep!

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  1. No bleach! Steam! 🙂

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