Jeff’s Chair

When I got married last September, my new husband moved into our 800 sq. ft. cottage that was already bursting with the bodies, belongings and energy of three females. He’s managed to shoe horn some of his furniture, knick-knacks and all of his clothing into this home, but I think he still feels like he doesn’t have many places that are just HIS.

Except for one.

He selected and bought this sweet blue chair at the Alameda Antiques Fair and has placed it in the sunniest spot in the garden. I can often find him in the afternoon, sitting here- his feet up on a small bench- reading or snoozing.

Sunny Sitting Spot

Completely surrounding his chair, starting with right in front and moving clock-wise, are Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’, ‘Madame Hardy’, ‘Graham Thomas'(on the fence), ‘Tamora’, ‘William Shakespeare’ and ‘Pat Austen’. I fear that in a month or so he won’t be able to find his chair , let alone sit in it!


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8 responses to “Jeff’s Chair

  1. jeff

    i love my blue chair!

  2. Carol

    I love it all, beautiful just like you Carla~

    I also love our Son’s blue chair and could use one in the sunny spot in our back yard, hint, hint!

    Your caterpillar hedge is the cutest, congrats to your two beauties for helping also, have you named it yet?

    Love, Carol

    • carlalazzarini

      Thanks for all the love, Carol! haven’t named the caterpillar yet- guess I’ll let the girlies do it!

  3. Always good to have SOME spot that’s only yours. I’m still trying to create mine.

    • carlalazzarini

      I guess mine is my garden. That’s one of the benefits of my line of work, though- I get to be alone in beautiful places a lot!

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