What NOT to do…

Someone near and dear to me just moved into a new house. I was so completely appalled by the “Landscaping” (obviously I’m using the very loosest sense of the word) that I had to document the mess. I don’t want to ruin your whole day, so I’m just going to show you one picture.


So many issues, so little space… I have no more words.


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6 responses to “What NOT to do…

  1. Megan

    OMG! That’s so sad. The middle aeonium looks so pitiful.

  2. CarolB

    This made me giggle. I can hear the plants saying, save me, save me! Awe, so sad.
    Wish they would hire you to make it beautiful.

  3. Marilyn

    The flowers along the foundation are particularly poignant.

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