Before, During and After pics

For the past year I’ve been working on a really wonderful project. It’s a beautiful spot right on a cliff above the ocean. The weather is pretty extreme, so plant selection has been tricky, to say the least! I’m doing a fairly good job at taking lots of pictures, which is not always my strong point. Here’s just a little taste…


Just after planting(with some rare sun!):


6 months After:

More on this project in the future!


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2 responses to “Before, During and After pics

  1. Carolyn

    Beautiful Carla! Wish I had your vision! Went on a tour of the Adamson House in Malibu last week and thought of you. Beautiful landscaping and grounds. Been there since early 1930’s I think? Didn’t even know it existed!

    • carla lazzarini

      Thanks, Carolyn!
      I just looked up the Adamson House and WOW- it looks amazing! I would love to see it someday…

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