Courtyard Makeover

This is how it looked the first time I saw it. With almost no direction (which works pretty well for me), I was asked to design a makeover for this courtyard.


So, faced with a blank slate that was crying out for *something*, here’s what I came up with. Please keep in mind that I hadn’t done a perspective drawing in a few years. (it’s not perfect, to say the least…)


The client loved the design and gave the go-ahead. Yipee! Now, usually the finished product varies from the conceptual drawing  in varying degrees. Either the client requests changes mid-stream, I suggest a change because reality didn’t allow for something on paper, or any of several other possible reasons. But this time, the results matched the design with uncanny preciseness.



With the exception of the Wisteria not yet covering the arbor, this is definitely a plan that came together well!


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6 responses to “Courtyard Makeover

  1. girlzcan

    Gorgeous, Carla. The wisteria will be great!

  2. Carolyn

    Wow, Carla, beautiful! What a difference!

  3. Margo Manley

    These posts are so delightful and informative and encouraging !

    Just phoned to ask for tree i d of evergreen on Amesport’s side in NW far corner.

    My small brain is overtaxed by the “evil” upper respiratory lonnnng lasting scourge !

    Need to call the property manager as tree trimmers are working there this morning.

    You can also text me at 650 387 1219

    Thanks very much,


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