Introducing Carla

Growing up in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area my very least favorite chore was working in the garden. There were bugs and dirt!

Cut to Today – Flowers, trees, plants, stone, soil, water, sun, shade, and the different ways these things merge and flow into the paths, walls, plantings and spaces that make a garden…

These ideas float around in my head constantly. You could say I’m obsessed, but I prefer to think I’m infatuated, besotted, smitten.

Plants. Gardens. Landscapes. It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am. Gardens are my vocation. And I am a devoted mother to my sweet daughters and wife to my loving husband. I can’t imagine my life without any of these beautiful things. Someday I want to be a really old lady with a garden that draws people to it – including me.

I live in Half Moon Bay, California. I imagine and keep gardens for myself and clients all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

My business is Carla Lazzarini Design.

9 responses to “Introducing Carla

  1. Carolyn Booser

    Hi Carla!
    Aunt Carol just sent me un update on your blog and I just love it! Wish you’d come down and do our yard! Mike loves to work in the yard and I, unfortunately, like to sit by the pool! Hope you and are your girls are enjoying summer . . . come and visit any time! (Love Jeff’s chair, tell him hi!)
    xoxo Carolyn

  2. Carolyn Booser

    Hi Carla! I loved your blog!! You are such a talented artist (and I love Jeff’s chair). Wish you could come do our yard! Mike loves to work in the garden, but I unfortunately, just like to sit by the pool. xoxox

    • carlalazzarini

      Thanks, Carolyn! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. We’re at your aunt Carol’s house right now- on our way to B.C… I wish I could come down there & do your yard too!

  3. Sister

    Hi Family. Love the blog!! very impressed. love to U all.

    • carlalazzarini

      Thanks, Sister!! (if you subscribe- on the ‘home page’- you’ll get updates when I write new posts…) Love you!

  4. Maman

    Beautiful blog, website, garden, family, by a beautiful daughter!


  5. Staci Henry

    Sister! I just saw your web/blog page. Very Impressed!! You are an amazing artist, person, mom, & sister-in-law. I love you! NOW….please come to Dubai and transform my yard to look like yours. The HEAT is tough to deal with. I’ve been reduced to various “cactus” like plants that can stand the direct sun. I bring “Miracle Grow” from the States and it seems to help a lot! But what else can I do?

    • carla lazzarini

      Sister- You’re already doing the right things! Sticking with succulents, cactus-y plants and natives is best. You won’t have to fight nature as much. When I’m creating a garden in a unfamiliar or difficult environment, the first thing I do is walk or drive around the immediate area and observe what’s already growing that looks healthy & happy- then plant those plants. How you combine them and place them gets a little more tricky. That part is hard to explain. You’re right, I’d have to come see you to help with that part! Good luck and keep watering & fertilizing… – Sister
      PS: thanks for the sweet compliments!

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