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Done Sprung (see last post!)

Talking about veggies...

Well, I did it. …and it was fun! ┬áThere were a lot of great people at this event, and many were interested in working with me! (yay) I have an appointment tomorrow with a lovely woman who wants to replace her front lawn with…..something else. Oh, the possibilities!

My Corner

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this- potting up all the plants, writing my presentation, etc. I did have a couple of butterflies when I got there, but a yummy glass of sangria fixed that!

Teaching Don the Dirt

Six of the smaller pots were to give away as door prizes and it was cute to see the dressed up ladies walking out with their arms wrapped around their little gardens and with big smiles on their faces.

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Spring Ahead!

Spring Ahead!

Click on the above image to read about an event I’m involved with. It’s Wednesday, February 24th in Moss Beach. Please come and check it out if you’re interested!

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Grow Food!

Kale in my garden-2009

The Kale we grew last year was so luscious and vigorous! It nourished us for over four months. Since I planted only three 6-packs, I think I got an excellent return on an investment of $7 total!

Raised beds in community garden

Every summer my daughters and I travel to Vancouver, B.C., where there is a beautiful, rambling, well-tended community garden that I’m lucky enough to get to work in. This is how it looked during the first week of August, 2009.


This image makes me LOVE what I do more than I usually do (which is A LOT). I want to dive into it and roll around! Luckily, I get to do just that in real life. It’s a corner of my friend’s garden where I get free reign to play with permaculture. The plants that grow food blend seamlessly with the ornamentals. Ahhh…

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victory garden!

The Wild Tomato from the Compost Pile

The Wild Tomato from the Compost Pile

I just volunteered to help plant and tend the victory garden that will be planted on July 12th in front City Hall in SF! The lawn is being ripped up (hallelujah for ripping up lawns!) and a big FOOD garden is being planted there. Did you know…(I didn’t!)…that during World War II victory gardens provided 40% of the food consumed in our country?? Wow. Now would be a good time for us to do this again.

The people that are making this victory garden happen are the Slow Food Nation folks. They’re putting on a fantastic event at Fort Mason during Labor Day weekend. Check out what it’s all about (and where all the food from the garden will go) at

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