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Annual Garden Party- 2010

Every late May/early June I have a garden party to share with my friends and family the abundance of blooms in my garden. It’s so floriferous at that time of year that if would be just plain selfish of me not to share! I recently came across some pictures from last year’s bash- where we served the best mint juleps ever!- and thought I would belatedly share with y’all.

Here’s the delightful Josie, sniffing the Italian parsley:

Judy and Leslie enjoy a chat amongst the heady blooms of Rosas ‘Buff Beauty’, ‘Lilian Austin’ and ‘Tamora’:

Taking a break from the crowd,

Emily and John find a seat with Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’

in the midst of clouds of Nicotiana mutabilis and Penstemon ‘Garnet’ (among others!).

If they sit still enough, a hummingbird is bound to come by!

Peeking out from the bed of roses is Rosa ‘Fantin Latour’,

bordered by peppermint scented geranium (Pelargonium tomentosa), already-bloomed Bearded Iris and Nepeta fasanii ‘Six Hills Giant’.

They look like they’re enjoying the aromatherapy…

It was a perfect day

to wear a hat,

talk with friends,

sip a mint julep,

smell the flowers

and relax in the garden!


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The Garden is about to Burst!


Just starting to explode!

Just starting to explode!

   If you look very closely, you can just see my legs in the top right corner of this picture. It’s proof that I got to play in my garden (actually ALL day!) on Mothers Day. It was a perfect day. My roses and lavender are just about to go all out. In two-three weeks it will all be so floriferous that my eyes, nose AND ears will just about burst!

   Roses(blooming) in view:  Just Joey,  William Shakespeare,  Buff Beauty and  Fantin-Latour. Do you see them?


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