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The Front has Arrived

For ten months of the year, I’m waiting for this patch of my front garden to look like THIS.  After it peaks (July/Aug) it looks a bit bedraggled for about 3 months (Sept/Oct/Nov), before I cut it back. Then I have about three months of trimmed back tidiness (Dec/Jan/Feb) before it starts to ramp up for the year. During this time of growth (Mar/April/May/June) I weed a lot and watch every new leaf and bud with excitement. You might be thinking, “That’s a lot of work and waiting for such a small reward” (or something like that!), but to me, it’s totally worth it. It’s like Lilacs, most of the year they’re either sticks or green bushes, but oh my god, when they’re in bloom, as brief as it is, don’t you just want to smash your face (gently…) into them?? Well, I do and I love my little postage stamp-sized patch of Olea,Lavender, Teuchrium, Thyme and Cerastium (Snow-in-Summer) just as much!


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Front Garden

My back garden is anything but “low maintenance”. (I use quotes because that phrase cracks me up- it’s all relative, right?) Just look back through my blog to see what I mean. My front yard, however, was designed to be able to withstand some neglect without making me an embarrassment to the neighbors.

I planted it four years ago and have been slowly shaping the multi-trunked Olive tree- bringing it up off the ground so the Lavender and Teuchrium underneath can have some sun. They’re  just starting to fill in and come into bloom. Two days ago I spent about 90 min. squatting under this tree pulling out hundreds of baby weeds, before they set seed. (thank goodness for yoga!) So even my lower maintenance garden takes quite a bit of time, if I want it to look just so…

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The Garden is about to Burst!


Just starting to explode!

Just starting to explode!

   If you look very closely, you can just see my legs in the top right corner of this picture. It’s proof that I got to play in my garden (actually ALL day!) on Mothers Day. It was a perfect day. My roses and lavender are just about to go all out. In two-three weeks it will all be so floriferous that my eyes, nose AND ears will just about burst!

   Roses(blooming) in view:  Just Joey,  William Shakespeare,  Buff Beauty and  Fantin-Latour. Do you see them?


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