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Done Sprung (see last post!)

Talking about veggies...

Well, I did it. …and it was fun!  There were a lot of great people at this event, and many were interested in working with me! (yay) I have an appointment tomorrow with a lovely woman who wants to replace her front lawn with…..something else. Oh, the possibilities!

My Corner

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this- potting up all the plants, writing my presentation, etc. I did have a couple of butterflies when I got there, but a yummy glass of sangria fixed that!

Teaching Don the Dirt

Six of the smaller pots were to give away as door prizes and it was cute to see the dressed up ladies walking out with their arms wrapped around their little gardens and with big smiles on their faces.

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new letterhead design

   Take a look at my new letterhead that my designer just sent me. I like it! It’s nice to be slowly getting “professionalized”. I’m trying not to kick and scream too much as I’m being dragged into this century. (that’s kind of funny- that I think letterhead is something modern!!)


super official letterhead by Rev1 Imaging

super official letterhead by Rev1 Imaging

    This is part of my campaign to better market myself- something I will be working on this year…

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