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Asian Inspired Garden- before & after

I just recently revisited a garden I designed & installed last year. It was time for a bit of fine tuning and, most fun of all, a little lesson with the garden owner while I was at it. We worked together and I explained what I was doing and why, and also what would need to be done in the coming months. I was extremely pleased at how the plants have grown in and how the overall look & feel of the garden is coming together just as I had envisioned! Yay for a plan coming together!!


Nothing like starting from scratch! Actually, before this picture was taken, there was red lava rockĀ about 4 inches deep and an old wooden path along the wall of the house. (left side of pic) After the lava rock and the old path were gone we rototilled the rock hard soil and then continued on…


The path was replaced with sand colored flagstone (all the way to the left) and a nice selection of lower maintenance plants were planted. Throughout the garden are several decorative stone and gravel borders (like the one above) to visually divide the long narrow space into different ‘garden rooms’.


This garden is located where it actually gets warm in the summer, and this beautiful Ulmus parvifolia (Chinese Elm) provides the only source of shade in the garden. Inspired by necessity, I decided that this is where the sitting area had to go!

…and so….




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